Free Online Anxiety Support Group

Living with anxiety can be a lonely experience – but talking to others who understand can be really helpful. Just knowing that you are heard, understood and supported makes such a difference.

At The Anxiety Revolution online support group we are creating a safe space for you to discuss your anxiety, share tips and ideas and offer support to others in the same position.

We are Kirsten, Lyanne & Steve – Counsellors & Hypnotherapists with a passion in helping people to overcome their anxiety. We volunteer an hour a week (Thursdays between 8-9pm) to chat with the group members and offer support. Although it’s not online therapy, we certainly aim to talk to as many of you as we can.

We post useful information, tips & ideas and we welcome input from everyone. You can chat to one another any time and join us for the live chats if you wish.

Here is the link to the Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so posts won’t be seen outside of the group – even though you may see some on your own timeline – others can’t see them.

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